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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the purpose of this web site?
    Minutes of Meeting is a free meeting minutes software that allows you to create meeting minutes and distribute it to the meeting attendees via email.

  2. What is the difference between the meeting minutes created on this web site and the one I create normally?
    This web site provides you with an easy to use interface to capture your meeting agenda, add attendees and record minutes and action items. The service will automatically generate a well formatted MOM document with your logo and the color scheme you choose. In simple terms you don't have to worry about formatting your minutes of meeting document and it saves you a lot of time and effort. The software also acts as a storage for all your past meeting minutes and lets you find them easily. A simple task manager included as of the features helps you ensure that all your action items are tracked and completed on time. There are several other useful features that any meeting software must have. Sign up now to discover all of them.

  3. How would I use the minutes of meeting document generated by your tool?
    There are multiple different actions you can take using this software. You can send the agenda to all the attendees by clicking the "Send Agenda" button. This will send the meeting agenda document to all the attendees you have added to the meeting. Once you have completed the meeting and captured all the minutes, you can send the finished document to all the meeting attendees by clicking on the "Send Minutes" button. You can also use the comments feature to invite your attendees to comment on your agenda & recorded minutes to help you finalize the minutes document before distributing it.

  4. You have mentioned that the service will send the document to the meeting attendees. How will the software know the email addresses of the attendees?
    As you use this service you can build your contact list by adding attendees and their email addresses to the meetings. Each time you enter attendee information it is saved in your contact list for future use. The service will use that information to send the meeting minutes to your contacts that attended the meeting.

  5. What email address will the minutes of meeting be sent from?
    The attendees will receive the meeting minutes from

  6. What will be the format of the minutes of meeting document?
    The MOM document will be in PDF format.

  7. Will I have access to all my meetings that I have created using this service?
    All the meetings will be available in your personalized meeting history section of this site. Your meetings will be categorized under draft, sent & received folders and you can access them at any time.

  8. There is no way to save my meetings. What should I do if I want to save my meetings?
    The meetings are auto saved every 10 seconds. You are given an option to save if you leave the page before the auto save was invoked.

  9. How do you ensure the privacy of my data?
    Please read our privacy policy at

  10. Is there a charge or limit for using this service?
    Minutes of Meeting is 100% free and there is no charge for using this service. There is also, no limit on the number of meetings you can conduct using this software.